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Book Review


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Film Review

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Poetry, Fiction, Song Writing


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also translated and published in:

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Polish, by Gazeta Wyborcza Daily Newspaper (April 4, 2014);


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Rafiki Ubaldo, 2014, Timbuktu Mon Amour, music by Jean Paul Samputu,


Rafiki Ubaldo, 2015, Intero y’Ineza (The Anthem to Goodness), music by Jean Paul Samputu,


Rafiki Ubaldo, 2015, Nkundira Ugaruke (Please Come Back), music by Jean Paul Samputu,


Rafiki Ubaldo, Jean Paul Samputu, 2014-2015, Rwanda Nkunda (Rwanda my Love), music by Jean Paul Samputu,



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Photography: Exhibition and Publications


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Invitations and/or Presentations at Seminars and International Conferences


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